Nootropics: Natural Health Supplements For The Brain


Natural health supplements formulated to increase energy and metabolic rate are more popular today than ever before. Many individuals are wary of the side effects when taking pharmaceutically derived drugs. A number of vitamin and herb combinations have been shown to stimulate the adrenal systems in the body, help flush the body of toxins, partially block the absorption of fat, and even sharpen [Read more...]

How To Make Your Paycheck Last


Getting your paycheck gives you a cash infusion for the next week or few weeks. If you are not careful, then you could end up limping towards your next paycheck with no money on hand. You can do a few things to make your paychecks last for as long as possible. Follow a Budget and Avoid Impulse Purchases The first step is to follow a budget. You want to look at what you normally spend, make a [Read more...]

Finding Success From Your Lowest Points


How do they do it? Haven't you ever been curious about those highly successful individuals who seem to chronically be overflowing with success? Wouldn't you like to know their success secrets? A successful person can be viewed as a role model to many. There is not necessarily a secret success ingredient to offer. There are some success tips that will prove useful to those who are interested in [Read more...]

The Theory and Practice of the Law of Attraction


In science Plato stated like attracts like, meaning water would attract water, earth to earth, and so on. Over the years this would become the basis for the Law of Attraction. The simple principle behind the Law of Attraction is that positive thinking will bring about positive changes in your life. This also means negative thinking will of course bring negative changes. The theory is that by [Read more...]

Let Kratom Take You To A Higher Place


Most of you know that I occasionally enjoy trying mind-altering drugs or supplements that can improve my mental performance. That said, I only test out substances that are 100% legal and I do not condone this behavior in anyone else. Now, to the story. I recently tried Kratom for the first time and let me tell you, I really enjoyed it. But what is Kratom you ask? And how do you take it? You've [Read more...]